Westside Junior Golf Tour

The Westside Junior Golf Tour (WSJRGT) at the Rancho Park Golf Academy is created to provide boys and girls ages 6+, the opportunity to advance their skills in the game in age-appropriate competition. Our tournament consists of twelve one-day tournaments including a season-ending one-day tour championship. Players earn awards and points for each tournament.  Participants gain fun and incredible experiences!

Pay for a 2015-2016 Season Tournament

Thank you for your participation with the WSJRGT! You can purchase your junior golfer's tournament registration using the button below! If you haven't yet made a profile listing your junior golfer on the WSJRGT website, please make sure to do so no later than the Thursday before your tournament so that we can add them to our list and make sure they have a tee time!

Also, please make sure to include their full name and age when you pay for their tournament to ensure they are on our list on play day!

Important Note: If you are purchasing this after Thursday, your player may not be on our list on Sunday.

Visit the Westside Junior Golf Tour official website to learn more!

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